Reasons Why People Buying Real Estate Properties In Calahonda

The tourist boom in Costa del Sol started in the early 1960s and since then, Calahonda has seen tremendous growth. It used to be just a tiny rural fishing village, but it is now the largest housing development on the entire coast.


Calahonda is a 20-minute drive away from Malaga airport and is located 10 miles from Marbella. It extends upwards from the sea and about 10 km into the mountains that cover the coast. You can get to it via the Autovia AP7 that has an exit at the top of the town or via the N340 coastal road.

Calahonda has its own community, sports clubs, banks, shops, and motorway exit. Moreover, it has restaurants, doctors, dentists, golf clubs, tennis and squash club, nightclubs, and anything you need.

Real Estate Properties in Calahonda

This coastal town has continually developed over the years. Properties are being built as real estate demand grew. Many properties are for sale in Calahonda. The prices significantly vary depending on the location and age of the property. A property near the beach tends to be more expensive than the ones high above the town. However, the properties high above have some astonishing views over the Mediterranean Sea.

Over the years, foreigners have purchased real estate properties in Calahonda. Many of them decided to live there while also starting small businesses. This improved the infrastructure in the area and it has become more appealing to property buyers.

Calahonda offers convenience and facilities that make it popular among Northern Europeans who want to permanently move to Spain and others who want a holiday property with great value. The town has all types of properties, such as small studio apartments, townhouses, and luxury villas with swimming pools and private gardens.

Because of too much supply and over building, there are many properties sold by banks as well as empty properties in Calahonda. You can find properties at great prices. Most foreigners who want to buy a property in Calahonda are targeting bank repossessions because they offer good value for money in many cases. However, there are also other alternatives, such as going through a real estate company or an agent.

Beaches in Calahonda

The beaches are another reason why lots of people are buying properties in Calahonda. Together with easy access and great amenities nearby, the sandy beaches made Calahonda a well-known destination for people from different countries.

Some people buy properties in Calahonda and make it their holiday home, while others choose to permanently live in the area.