Wallpaper Borders And Their Essentiality In The House

It is indirectly an expression of âYou.â The house that you are decorating must speak not just of âthought and effortâ, but also of âclass and suaveâ which needs to show in the dexterity of its design and choice of quality that upholds the overall decorum. Everything starting from the exterior of the house, to the interior, furniture, upholstery and a varied assortment of other related things; must speak of a dedicated application of ingenuity, exclusivity and taste in order to make your house look grand.

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Installing Crown Molding

Making Crown moldings with square cuts These are the simplest cuts which are used for making butt joints. The cut ends of this type of moldings will fit at the same level as the molding. To achieve this, set the miter saw to 0° and create a butt joint. crown molding

Making Scarf joints on crown molding Scarf joint cutting is made when the wall is longer than the length of a single piece of crown molding and requires a connection made of two pieces of trim.

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